Prioritizing Profits Over Ethics

Discover why prioritizing user needs, transparency, and ethical practices are crucial for fostering trust and building a user-centered digital landscape.

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  • My thoughts on React and Vue (and a little bit of Ember)

    Let me explain what my experience has been so far with these Frameworks and why you might want to pick one over the other.

  • Man sitting at desk with hands placed on head

    Front-end development and Javascript

    Since the introduction of Javascript frameworks like Backbone, Angular and React, front-end development has shifted a lot in recent years. Should we still be called front-end developers?

  • Fire coals ember

    Hosting an Ember project and fixing urls using .htaccess

    Are you looking for a way to host an Ember app? Visiting a subpage is not working? Let me tell you how to quickly fix this using Apache.

  • Screenshot of Wordpress admin interface showing media gallery

    Image rotation is not supported by your web host

    Not being able to edit an image after uploading it in Wordpress to the media library? Read how to fix this problem.