Freelance front-end developer services

As a freelance front end developer I fill the gap between design and development. I started my career as a webdesigner and eventually switched to front end development only. But, because I have a lot of experience designing I get hired by a lot of companies looking for someone who can write their front-end, but also help with their designs.

Of course you can also hire me just to create the front end, but I'll always try to give advice on how to improve usability and give solutions to improve the front end.

Interested in any of my services? Check out my CV or contact me for a quick chat!


I'm always trying to help other developers with improving their skills through meetups and personal contact. Together with Murtada I've started a podcast so we can give ideas and insight into development, agencies and life. We've amassed over a few thousand listens and views! Check it out on our website or listen/watch using the links below.


For 2+ years I used to host a meetup for beginners to learn them (new) tools and technologies. Besides presentations we also helped developers with any problems they had in their projects or personal website.

Some subjects we've presented and talked about:

  • WebGL
  • Ember
  • Wireframing
  • Vue
  • SVG Animations
  • CSS Grids
  • Web components

About me

When I'm not writing code you can probably find me making and roasting coffee, bouldering, playing boardgames, hiking, mountainbiking, gravelbiking, bikepacking, camping, gaming or watching a movie. My favorites are The Thing and Alien!

My music preference is kinda weird, but I've been listening almost only to Everything Everything for a while now, go check them out if you like something weird and new, they are amazing.